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An Obsessive Compulsive Definition of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD);

  • is a fairly common problem where people experience ‘obsessions’, recurring unwanted thoughts which are difficult to stop, and ‘compulsions’, rituals of checking behaviour or repetitive actions which are carried out in an attempt to relieve the thoughts. Source:
  • A disorder in which individuals are plagued by persistent, recurring thoughts (obsessions) that reflect exaggerated anxiety or fears. Source:
  • Psychoneurosis characterized by disturbing, unwanted, anxiety-provoking, intruding thoughts or ideas and repetitive impulses to perform acts that may be considered abnormal, undesirable or distasteful to the patient. Source:
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a brain disorder, and more specifically, an anxiety disorder. OCD is manifested in a variety of forms, but is most commonly characterized by a subject’s obsessive drive to perform a particular task or set of tasks, compulsions commonly termed rituals. Source:
  • After giving the formal and scientific definition of what OCD is, I would like to mention that most people who suffer from OCD have their own definitions of OCD, of course a definition affected by their OCD.

    That is, they usually think that their OCD is not right. There have to be a more accurate OCD than they have.

    Just from this point, it is not difficult to imagine the anxiety and stress that OCD may bring on any given day.

    When Is The Best Time To Act?

    Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

    Well, it depends on what action you will take of course, but this relativity isn’t our concern for this topic. Psychologists usually suggest to move immediately about what you want to do. Moreover, some therapists tell about how short life is and that the sooner you act upon something the better it is for you.

    Unfortunately, many methods fail. Cause of the failure is, if somebody would want to do something, she/he would do it immediately anyway. Do you remember any moment that you felt uneasy to eat your favorite meal? This should be so rare, if any. Then think about this: How would life be, if each of your responsibilities were like eating your favorite food? Most probably you could be the most successful person on earth.

    Now, it looks like that action isn’t necessarily dependent on the best time. Instead, action usually depends on your will and liking. So therefore, it is usually the best to do to start from something you really like. If there is liking in it, believe that there won’t be any difference between watching your favorite movie and washing the dishes. It all depends on whether you like the act or not.

    So, then how am I supposed to like my responsibilities? That’s the topic of my next post.

    Learn to Take a Break When You Feel Helpless

    Saturday, December 16th, 2006

    Taking a break, taking your time is an art. When you feel helpless, bored, afraid, that may be a sign of that you should take a break. Be it 15 minutes or two days, what you have to do is just stop for a while and feed your body and soul for refreshment. Most of the accidents on ski-fields occur in the afternoon about after 3:00pm. Can you guess why?

    Tired bodies that haven’t took their time to rest for some couple of 15 minutes fail. Poor human being. The same is valid in business life, romantic love, theeth whitening, washing your car, paying your bills etc. etc.

    Do take a break before it is too late. It may seem that you are capable of working nonstop. However, this is only a decision. You may even think that this post is not something that would apply to you but if you are human then it is very possible that you need to take a break.

    You may also prevent depression and anxiety, and even other several mental diseases like alzheimer for instance, by taking your time and taking necessary breaks when you have to.

    If you are unable to allocate half an hour for yourself, that obviously means that you are already in trouble.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Misinterpretation of Life-Hack

    Saturday, December 16th, 2006

    In a sense, this year was the year of life-hacking blogs. If you go over Technorati and have look at the most popular blogs, you’ll see that some blogs about life-hacking are making their places in the top ten, if not in the top five.

    It is surprizing to me that a vast majority of these blog’s content are about recent technological innovations and products instead of human mind and psychology. Recent technology and products are not the proper means of change, they don’t play much of a role when your goal is to hack your life and become who or what you want to become. I don’t underestimate the productivity that technology and its products brings to us. I just want to emphasize the misinterpretation of a word like hack (that has positive connotations  most of the time before Kevin Mitnick became popular) into something related other than the core-subject, which is human mind, in my humble opinion.

    Of course, there is an assumption behind the argument. I believe that the majority of visitors to these blogs are aiming to change their lives either that way or this way. They would like to become more productive, they want to do more good in less time. I don’t believe that people visit those blogs just to get informed by the bells and whistles of what is the most recent.

    Since change, transformation and thus feelings are involved in this, life-hacking is more than just being informed of Zune and being the first who use it.

    Change and transformation of one involves knowing herself better and sticking with the idea of a better, healthier self.

    Overcoming Monday Syndrome

    Saturday, December 16th, 2006

    The stickyard to solve and get out of your Monday syndrome is to realize that the problem isn’t Monday. Monday, like every other day of the week, may bring unknown problems of life and it is not Monday to blame.

    Every end and every beginning brings stress and anxiety. Probably this is why we celebrate our birthdays, graduation, marriage, circumcision, etc… Those signify milestones of our life that brings us closer to the unknown end.

    Realize that Monday is just a word and it can have many  connotations with it. Moreover, you can manipulate these connotations in your mind when you have to confront with your Monday anxiety.

    What you will face on every Monday is the same thing you face on every Sunday, or every other workday. Bear with it. Monday is neither king nor a serf. You can treat it anyway you like just realize that it’s not necessarily the beginning of a work week. It is our minds that make Monday a symbol for the beginning of irritating series of events.

    Maybe you can evaluate the weekend for preparation if the coming week is a little more busy than usual. Thus you may feel prepared and more powerful against the anxiety of monday.

    Having a good sleep would also prevent unnecessary anxiety. Sleep is always good for your body 🙂

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