When Is The Best Time To Act?

December 23rd, 2006

Well, it depends on what action you will take of course, but this relativity isn’t our concern for this topic. Psychologists usually suggest to move immediately about what you want to do. Moreover, some therapists tell about how short life is and that the sooner you act upon something the better it is for you.

Unfortunately, many methods fail. Cause of the failure is, if somebody would want to do something, she/he would do it immediately anyway. Do you remember any moment that you felt uneasy to eat your favorite meal? This should be so rare, if any. Then think about this: How would life be, if each of your responsibilities were like eating your favorite food? Most probably you could be the most successful person on earth.

Now, it looks like that action isn’t necessarily dependent on the best time. Instead, action usually depends on your will and liking. So therefore, it is usually the best to do to start from something you really like. If there is liking in it, believe that there won’t be any difference between watching your favorite movie and washing the dishes. It all depends on whether you like the act or not.

So, then how am I supposed to like my responsibilities? That’s the topic of my next post.

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