Overcoming Monday Syndrome

December 16th, 2006

The stickyard to solve and get out of your Monday syndrome is to realize that the problem isn’t Monday. Monday, like every other day of the week, may bring unknown problems of life and it is not Monday to blame.

Every end and every beginning brings stress and anxiety. Probably this is why we celebrate our birthdays, graduation, marriage, circumcision, etc… Those signify milestones of our life that brings us closer to the unknown end.

Realize that Monday is just a word and it can have many  connotations with it. Moreover, you can manipulate these connotations in your mind when you have to confront with your Monday anxiety.

What you will face on every Monday is the same thing you face on every Sunday, or every other workday. Bear with it. Monday is neither king nor a serf. You can treat it anyway you like just realize that it’s not necessarily the beginning of a work week. It is our minds that make Monday a symbol for the beginning of irritating series of events.

Maybe you can evaluate the weekend for preparation if the coming week is a little more busy than usual. Thus you may feel prepared and more powerful against the anxiety of monday.

Having a good sleep would also prevent unnecessary anxiety. Sleep is always good for your body 🙂

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  1. Neo Says:

    That sounds like the movie matrix. Love is a word. Karma is a word, like love. Words have no definite meanings. We attach them meanings. We make connotations.

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