Learn to Take a Break When You Feel Helpless

December 16th, 2006

Taking a break, taking your time is an art. When you feel helpless, bored, afraid, that may be a sign of that you should take a break. Be it 15 minutes or two days, what you have to do is just stop for a while and feed your body and soul for refreshment. Most of the accidents on ski-fields occur in the afternoon about after 3:00pm. Can you guess why?

Tired bodies that haven’t took their time to rest for some couple of 15 minutes fail. Poor human being. The same is valid in business life, romantic love, theeth whitening, washing your car, paying your bills etc. etc.

Do take a break before it is too late. It may seem that you are capable of working nonstop. However, this is only a decision. You may even think that this post is not something that would apply to you but if you are human then it is very possible that you need to take a break.

You may also prevent depression and anxiety, and even other several mental diseases like alzheimer for instance, by taking your time and taking necessary breaks when you have to.

If you are unable to allocate half an hour for yourself, that obviously means that you are already in trouble.

Have a nice weekend.

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