Misinterpretation of Life-Hack

December 16th, 2006

In a sense, this year was the year of life-hacking blogs. If you go over Technorati and have look at the most popular blogs, you’ll see that some blogs about life-hacking are making their places in the top ten, if not in the top five.

It is surprizing to me that a vast majority of these blog’s content are about recent technological innovations and products instead of human mind and psychology. Recent technology and products are not the proper means of change, they don’t play much of a role when your goal is to hack your life and become who or what you want to become. I don’t underestimate the productivity that technology and its products brings to us. I just want to emphasize the misinterpretation of a word like hack (that has positive connotations¬† most of the time before Kevin Mitnick became popular) into something related other than the core-subject, which is human mind, in my humble opinion.

Of course, there is an assumption behind the argument. I believe that the majority of visitors to these blogs are aiming to change their lives either that way or this way. They would like to become more productive, they want to do more good in less time. I don’t believe that people visit those blogs just to get informed by the bells and whistles of what is the most recent.

Since change, transformation and thus feelings are involved in this, life-hacking is more than just being informed of Zune and being the first who use it.

Change and transformation of one involves knowing herself better and sticking with the idea of a better, healthier self.

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