V for Vendetta and Being Free From Fear

November 8th, 2006

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I have seen the movie V for Vendetta yesterday night, finally.

There is so much to write about in the movie but first things first, I would like to talk about the fear factor in V for Vendetta.

Apart from the notion of fear that is used by governments, it is also very important on individual basis what V has done to Evey.

It would not be polite to tell scenes in detail since it will involve spoilers from the movie.

Instead of doing this, let’s focus on fear and freedom.

Being free from fear might be a real definition of freedom. Freedom is not necessarily being happy. Freedom is taking your own decisions without interfering environmental pressure.

V for Vendetta is a must for see for all of us who have to deal with fear.

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  1. SAM Says:

    I want to see this movie for while and all I’ve been reading about it is positive critics (specially inside psy-world).

    Nontheless, I must say that freedom is much more than taking your own decisions without interfering environmental pressure, because that’s easy 😀

    I think, like Frankl said, that freedom is taking decisions under the environmental pressure, despite the environment, despite the conditions around us. For it could be the real wrost, but there we are free, despite all!

    PS: I am liking very much your. Please, keep it like this: getting better and better.

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