Dealing with Social Phobia

October 20th, 2006

NY Social Meet-up with Awfulsara

Social phobia is a kind of anxiety that occurs in social engagements. Like any other kind of anxiety, causes may differ from one to another.

Since it’s a kind of anxiety, anti-anxiety medicaton is helpful for social phobia. Apart from anti-anxiety medications some anti-depressants among ssri’s are also helpful.

One technique of relaxation with social phobia might be about thinking that you are not special. Yes, right; realize that when you are walking in a crowded street, you are as special as everybody else and not as special as everybody else.

That means when anxiety hits you with the idea that other people may criticize you for who you are, how you behave etc., try to realize that you are not that special and people don’t always have time to bother with you.

The feeling that you are somebody special to them in a negative sense and the feeling that everybody is staring at you is totally nonsense. You are equal to every one of them and the possibility of them criticizing you and you, criticizing them is 50%.

Thus, you can have this relaxation to know that you are not that special to get ciriticized everytime.

The same as valid for the anxiety you may experience in front of an authority figure. If you were in her shoes, how far would it be important to deal with you to a negative extent as well as a positive extent.

So, the next time you experience social phobia, repeat yourself that you aren’t that special to fear from society. You don’t have to.

Like many other psychological disorders, besides medication, you should also try talk therapy.

Have a nice and sound mind.

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