On Talk Therapy

October 18th, 2006

jennee with her psychologist, originally uploaded by kate face.

Talk therapy is advised for a variety of psychological disorders. Depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder are among them.

The best practice would be medication and talk therapy going hand in hand.

The therapist should be experienced, clever, patient and an up to date person.

Empathy is a core aspect in psychoteraphy. The therapist should comprehend tha patient’s uneasiness to the fullest extent possible. She should peacefully destroy the patient’s scenario of the dead end.

environmental factors are not among things that the therapist or the patient are able to change. However, it is cruical that the therapist should lead the patient to a healthy transformation of the self and his/her perception of the reality so that the patient can be able to transform his/her own attitudes to life. Thus, he/she can develop a better life for himself/herself.

Talk therapy, also known as psychotherapy is about bringing the consciousness and awareness in the patient, without being tackled by his/her pessimistic views about everything.

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