You are not an angel. Nobody is.

March 1st, 2006

Birds of a Feather, originally uploaded by ghostbones.

We sometimes tend to think that we are evil. We also tend to think that the society is evil too.

Both are not true. We are neither angels nor devils.

During therapeutic process, tehrapists usually try to overcome the idea that willingness is evil by nature.

We tend to think that if we are going to uncover our will, and do what we want, we are going to want bad things and do them.

This not the reality in fact. The reality is that we are running away from freedom. This freedom is a very basic one. Being able to get out form a job and find another one that can be more suitable to our nature and abilities is an option. This is a freedom.

However, we tend to think that if we let ourselves to be free, we would committ murder, we could be very aggressive, we could be a rapist, etc.

The reality is that we are resisting our freedom because we feel really safe in the problematic environment that we draw everyday. We are drown in this scenario.

If we try to understand that we are neither angel nor devil, things could unfold better and we can catch our freedom before the end comes.

Life is shorter than you imagine. Enjoy.

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