How to get miserable

February 23rd, 2006

Take it off and let it drop…, originally uploaded by BidWiya.

You have always the option of getting miserable anytime you want.

You can think about how and where the world is going, and dream about wars, torture, tears, and the most bad things that can come to your mind.

You can get miserable by not being able to change this.

Or more simply, you can also think of a loved one that you have lost a couple of years before.

Getting miserable in seconds is an option. We choose it so often that we cannot believ to ourselves that we leave ourselves into the cold but safe hands of depression and anxiety.

If we just choose not to get miserable and accept our current situation as is, then we would be able to cope with what we don’t like and what we want to change. We will have the energy for this coping and change just if don’t choose to get miserable.

Life is shorter than you imagine.

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