Digging the past isn’t always helpful

March 1st, 2006

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Those who are not very familiar with psychology are thinking psychotherapy as something that necessarily deals with the past.

It’s true that Sigmund Freud, who is one of the fathers of psychotherapy, established his psycho-analytic theories on dealing with past transgressions, unresolved conflicts, etc.

On the other hand, a psychotherapy session can be held not only about past memories of a patient but also on very patterns that the patient is behaving accordingly, without talking or investigating patent’s past life.

Recent therapeutical approaches involve methods that can break into one’s current behavior which is far beyond from reality and put new healthy thinking instead.

If you would like to take a therapy with a psychologist but you are afraid from dealing with your memories, childhood, etc. you can ask her / him to start from somewhere that you don’t have to immediately bring memories into your mind.

Try it and enjoy.

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