Knowing That You Have Options

February 23rd, 2006

day 596: odin studies up on the gyroscopic effect, fearing of an imminent pop quiz., originally uploaded by snowdeal.

Anxiety, fear arise from the fallacy that we don’t have options.

Whenever something “bad” occurs, we tend to think that we are stuck to this event. We don’t have any other option than being harmed by it.

Instead of this helplessness, you can always “choose” living “through” an event that makes us unhappy. Thus, we’ll be able to see that we have options. We’ll see that we choose to live the misery.

Although this is very open to discussion, human experience is telling us that we are the creators of anxiety and fear, and we are the creators of the idea that we don’t have options, we are unable to choose.

Try it, fast, now. Life is really short. Enjoy.

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