Dream Interpretation

February 21st, 2006

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There have been ways and methods for interpreting dreams for various objectives. One of them is tellin the future in which we are not interested here. That type of dream interpretation is called oneiromancy. Its roots go back to ancient egypt.

We are interested in the way dreams reflect our unconscious thoughts and feelings. This has been mentioned mainly by Calvin S. Hall, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

The symbolization in dreams are very important in understanding what a dream is about. It may contain meanings with cultural connotations. It may find its material in everyday life. At the end, it prepares a mixture, a fully symbolized theatre in front of us.

For instance, if you see a tree in your dreams, that may have the object to mention about the time that you have climbed to a tree and what happened that day.

It is like a sunday newspaper game. A friend of you in your dreams may come and say to you that you haven’t done your homework. However in real life, it may be that you are not in a school. Well this has other meanings like you have a feeling or thought in your subconscious about not having done something which is your responsibility. A thing in real life that has nothing to do with a homework or your friend.

You may try this at your home, you may try to interprete your dreams, find the symbolism and decode it. It would be entertaining at times.

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  1. Wilson Mbulwe Says:

    see lice biting me

  2. col coupland Says:

    Interesting viewpoint

  3. 12 Says:

    There is a an encyclopedia of dreams, something like wikipedia.

    Dream | Interpretation | Drumdopedia | Click here

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