Titles Matter

April 16th, 2007

I have been hit by stumbleupon over the weekend. I am thankful for all the visit and comments that stumblers brought to Psychology Blog.

The post which was visited by a couple of thousands was Your Charm Does Not Depend On Your Body

I suggest you to read the comments section. I have the feeling that most people didn’t find that article fit for a psychology blog. I don’t totally agree with this however i can’t simply disagree either.

First, psychology is a broad concept. When I hear the phrase “psychology blog”, first web site I have in my mind is the Psy-Blog.  Especially the post “Top Ten Psychology Studies” is a typical post which people expect when they hear something like psychology.

On the other hand, my psychology blog is mostly about clinical psychology and then mostly about alternative tips and techniques in clinical psychology. Therefore it is quiet natural that most people will not see fit that this blog has such a title.

Having said that, I am thinking of a solution on this. One solution might be to freeze this blog as it is now and go for another domain and continue from there. I have several domains in my hand lik this one (hayatkisa.com) on which I can make use of meaningful subdomains. Well this isn’t a big problem anyway because there are hundreds of millions of web sites out there and people remembering a web site with its unique domain name is a little bit history. I’ts valid for a handful of big web sites only.

I believe that starting anew with over one year experience in blogging would do better for me and for my visitors. Please comment about this. I am not going to delete this blog or any single post in it, nor will I move the posts elsewhere.  I will just setup a new blog that has a better title with a deeper meaning than Psychology Blog.

What do you think?

7 Responses to “Titles Matter”

  1. Sir Jorge Says:

    I always consider moving away and starting a new one, but leaving the old behind, however there are lazy blog readers that you will lose.

  2. Sir Jorge Says:

    No one hits me from stumbleupon, it’s odd.

  3. Matt Says:

    I understand your desire to, in the words of Roxy Music, remake/remodel your blog. But, if only to save yourself extra time, energy, and some $, couldn’t you simply expand the definition of the current blog (ie. have a synopsis beneath your blog title which makes clear your intent) rather than relying solely on people’s perceptions of the word/term “psychology”?

  4. Tom van Brunschot Says:

    Hello Osman,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. As a first time visitor to your website I would suggest to create a concept that fits your personality / personal vision on psychology and that triggers ones imagination immediately when visiting. E.g. psyche = mind, logos = study could be translated to an explorative journey of human mind from a specific (your) point of view: Mind Journey… or Funda Mental? Etcetera.

    You might want to leave the word ‘blog’ out of your Title and use a tagline or question to trigger reading.
    Maybe you were inspired by a specific person from the field op psychology and you can relate to that? Or maybe there is an inspiring Turkish story that relates to psychology? (The coffeshop Starbucks relates to the sheperd Kaldi and tells the story of the coffee bean.)

    Which story can you tell with your posts?

    Kind regards,


    P.S. What is hayatkisa?

  5. osman Says:

    Hi Tom, thank you very much for your comment. I’ll take your suggestions into consideration. I have already started working on something that would reflect my personality more than this blog. I find your suggestions really helpful and I’ll let you know when I actually start writing on my new blog.

    hayatkisa is the turkish equivalent of lifeisshort. the two words are: hayat (life) and kısa (short).

  6. fitline Says:

    I am trying to find the link for your new blog.

  7. farouk Says:

    i guess you can just make a turn arround instead of starting from the scratch

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