Your Charm Does Not Depend On Your Body

January 11th, 2007

Being cool and charming is fun and nice. Paying attention to being cool and charming every hour is a huge syndrome of this and the last century. Apart from becoming an anorexic or bulimic, people spend astronomical amounts of money and effort in aesthetic surgery, cosmetics and several unhealthy exercise programs. If you only knew that being presentable, charming or cool doesn’t depend on your body or how you look like in a picture, you would not just be happier but you would be also more cool, charming and good looking than ever.

However physically beautiful or good looking you are, a minor drop in your mood would make you look like less charming than you normally are.

If you pay close attention to your friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. you will notice that there are so many people that attract you who are not physically beautiful or good looking at all.

Imagine that your favorite actress had breast cancer and she had a surgery and suddenly she left one of her breasts. What would change in you in terms of your liking against her. Not much, because you have an idea of her in your mind that goes behind her physical being. You have seen her in a couple of movies or shows and you have not only her image in your mind but also an experience of her aura.

So, if you insist on just making up things physically on your body and not pay attention to your soul, you are building a destructive force for your charm. It’s like shopping for food while you are hungry and thus get everything in the market regardless of whether you need it or not.

In order not to end up with countless effort for your beauty with no avail, start beautifying your soul first and when you feel that you love yourself enough then pass on to the physical side, and continue to beautify yourself that way too.

Try it, It’s good for your health.

19 Responses to “Your Charm Does Not Depend On Your Body”

  1. doug rosbury Says:

    to wish to be charming is an aspect of the “glamour” illusion. this is a created aspect of the spirit outreach and is not a reality based attitude. it is a tool of those who desire to have a measure of control over their environment. it does control by virtue of taking advantage of the tendency of others to be drawn in due to their “weakness” for “beautiful things”.
    “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” to be charming is a conscious effort to influence others and is therefore
    manipulative in nature. if it is employed with kindness, and to guide others in away that is thoughtful of their needs, then it is considered to be
    a positive and uplifting action. however if it is used in a self serving manner to exploit another persons
    weaknesses, it is considered to be evil and negative.
    a person with charm and charisma owns a huge responsibility to be careful as to how this power is utilized. the power one has is in direct proportion to
    the ability of others to resist charm or not to be able to resist it and one must be especially careful
    with those who are naive and impressionable. for yourself, learn to not fall into the trap of trusting those who would try to influence you with charisma and charm. a healthy dose of skepticism is like protective armour, in the face of this brand of danger.

  2. doug rosbury Says:

    please keep in touch. i like your blog and would be delighted to write some more
    fond regards, doug P.S.: a dialogue would be good.
    i like to respond to questions. fond regards, doug

  3. doug rosbury Says:

    please let my email be seen by everyone.

  4. doug rosbury Says:
  5. doug rosbury Says:

    OK, whatever you think is best. i do understand the
    question of privacy and especially, integrity when you are managin a blog. but do keep in touch. doug

  6. osman Says:

    Hey! I was away (dinner, to be exact). I am back now. Thank you for your kind comments.

  7. Aster Says:

    For your credibilities sake…
    Spell check!

  8. osman Says:

    Sorry, where are the spelling errors?

  9. tyler Says:

    mhm, yeah, that’s super. totally doesn’t work that way in the real world. get a clue, seriously.

  10. tyler Says:

    and as for your spelling errors: ‘peoples spends astronomical…’ should be spend, not spends. get a clue.

  11. osman Says:

    ok i got it, i fixed it. and for the real world, i suggest to give a try to concentrate your inner self. because it can be seen from here. all of us are able to see it, you too.

  12. peter Says:

    good article…there is much truth to this. Yes women are attracted to good looking men, but they are attracted to personalities more than anything.

    It’s a shame that people like tyler are so cynical and ignorant. Try some constructive criticism next time

  13. furu Says:

    Uh. No. tyler pretty much hit it dead on. Welcome to the real world. Although I do appreciate that you’re trying to leave the genetic coil that demands physical-aesthetic satisfaction, you (who agree with the article) are all being naive and ignorant. Not only does physical beauty play a role in our psychology, it plays a HUGE role, deny it al you want. Personal aspiration and seeking to better one’s self is one of the most beautiful things. So start with bettering your observative powers because that’s how the world works.

    Stop to consider for three seconds how you you have an automatic aversion to sleazy looking people or any other perceived visual clues about the person’s characteristics. Or, you can deny they exist and live in rainbow land.

  14. furu Says:

    Oh, good god. I jsut read that this is a psychology blog.

  15. osman Says:

    nope, it’s not about the characteristics of sleazy people. the idea is that if you pay attention to your mind & soul then your appearence will benefit from that too.

  16. Useless Says:

    Utterly inane. Your charm entirely depends on your body. You can be friends with people whom are unattractive, but you don’t pick friends for ‘charm’ but for other, more worthwhile characteristics. Friends who you befriend for, or with, charm, tend to be shallow manipulations, not friendships.

    Also, if my favorite actress lost one or both of her breasts, she would be, undeniably, less attractive. She may not be a worse actress for it, but her physical appeal would be gone, and the only think that would be left would be a mental/psychological appeal (assuming there was one in the first place; I find it hard to care about someone I only know through roles they play, not what they are like in real life–but I’m not the psych major…).

  17. furu Says:

    Osman: I hope you’re not pretending you got that out of the text because it’s not on there. Closest it gets to that is the repulsive nature of unpleasant idividuals, no matter how pretty they look. Again this should be a psychology blog so start thinking. People with healthier mindsets obviously won’t look annoyed, bored, cold, heartless, or empty (we consider those unhealthy). They’ll also probably be more disposed to taking care of their bodies which makes a hell of a lot of difference. We humans tend to think healthy looks pretty.

    I know it’s not about sleazy people. Sleazy people don’t always look sleazy, that’s the whole point. Your physical characteristics don’t necessarily reflect your personality or mind, obviously, butit does reflect your lifestlye which is unavoidably defined by your personality.

    Useless: I don’t particularly think your charm depends on your body, but it sure as hell does help. If you ever heard the phrase “[blank] says all the right things.” (even if said in jest) should suggest that there are personality traits that play a pretty heavy role. I agree with you on the actress analogy though.

  18. lethargic and sleepless Says:

    Okay, I agree with – physical trait alone, not wholly creating one’s perception of someone. It’s important to note though, other’s around the persona you’ve created.

    – I believe that other’s perceptions of another’s being and reputation are huge influences on others. Conformity is always a catalyst for creating a desirable person.
    – Opposite that, you have the naivity of others towards that person. Which, yes, physical manner imposes the perception. (but i assume that we’re not talking about someone you’d see on the street.)

    “If you pay close attention to your friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. you will notice that there are so many people that attract you who are not physically beautiful or good looking at all.”

    But I bet, that a lot of other people think the same, and have told you the same.

  19. lethargic and sleepless Says:

    how do i beautify my soul?

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