Being Presentable

March 7th, 2006

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We often come across business or human resurces advertisements lik this: “We are looking for presentable sales representatives”. Now that’s okay, I am not against this.

We also read in many human resources books, self-help books and also there, we see the same suggestion of being presentable.

Then we try and force ourselves to be presentable but what is this? How do you define presentability?

People tend to understand a new hair cut, nice make-up, polished shoes, maybe not expensive but not cheap clothing, etc. This is okay, Of course there is great advantage both menthally and phsycially to look good.

However, I also observe that looking good become something like a religion and it goes beyond one’s real abilites. I mean presentability is emphasized so much that one can forget what she/he is really able to achieve and choose her/his power of having a good look. I don’t mean that people pay more attention or pay attention to only looking good. I say that while being phsyically good looking, people may tend to count on looking and avoid showing their other skills or find it unnecessary to inform about their real skills.

Apart from this, it is also a problematic issue to define what presentability is. To me, presentability in general means what you make people feel about you. If they feel comfortable, sincere, trustable with you, then you are presentable, at least presentable enough for an ordinary business day.

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  1. James Gordon Says:

    I like the thoughts this article brings up. I see two arguments from your conclusions.

    Ons is in agreeance with your argument. From a quantitative standpoint it is hard to agree what presentability is. How do you define and measure presentability? And if you cannot then how can you achieve an unmeasureable goal?

    Second though is a disgareeance, which is, what is the reason for presentability. Making yourself presentable sets you apart or conforms you and sends a signal. The measure is in your success or failure to send that signal. The quantifying for scientific purpose is not realistic because desires are not static and this you must always change your presentability to fit the situation. Fashions and preferences of an individual always fluxuate and you must strive to meet them if you wish to send a signal. So the measure is quantifiable in the idea that if you achieve the message you are trying to send then you have succeded in presentability. And you can cound that instance as a successful defined incident.

    Even the most religoious efforts of presentability are not for the sake of presentability there is always a deeper purpose or message the person is trying to achieve. Unless they happen to be a fashion designer…

  2. naisioxerloro Says:

    Good design, who make it?

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