Paying attention to things around you

March 1st, 2006

Fotografando, originally uploaded by Renata Diem.

One of the topics that both psychologists and therapists put emphasis on is attention.

I don’t necessarily mean those attention deficit disorders. I mean simply paying attention to things around us. Clothings, the floor, trees, cars, everything.

Try it. You will see how much detail in your life passing away without catching your attention.

This is only one side of the attention case. the other side is about realizing what you do at the very moment and where you are and your physical connection to the world.

Next time, when you come home from work try to think about clothes of people you met during the day. Don’t take this as a memory exercize, put the emphasis on yourself, your attention, investigate whether you were really there with your mind or not.

Then you can shift this further to other objects of attention, voices, manners, mimics, gestures.

You will see that your attention will get better.

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