The impact of physical beauty on your mood

March 2nd, 2006

30 anni bellissimi [BUON COMPLEANNO LULI!], originally uploaded by Babeffe.

Well, I came across this photo while hanging around flickr. You can click on it and see other photos of her too. This is babeffe, a flickr firend of mine. I like her photos really much.

Now, this is a slef-photo of her. Looking at her, I thought about general phsyical beauty, how we come to create the attractive self.

It is on our hands to be attractive. It is really a positive energy that would make us happier.

Instead of sitting in a dark room and waiting to be found, you can also work on your attractiveness and find yourself a date immediately.

Even when you have an ongoing relationship, you can create new leads of excitement by looking at yourself and making only little changes that would have great impact on your look.

That’s worth dealing with. Nowadays I also plan a post on distorted self-image and how that leads to more and deep into depression and meaningless anxiety.

Enjoy life. It is not as long as you think about.

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